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Momoko Tsugunaga’s photobook “Momochi Zukan” DVD preview.

Two days ago the preview for Momoko’s 3rd solo DVD for her 5th solo photobook was uploaded to the official up-front youtube channel.

Momo looks Awesome in it!!! She’s just so  cute<333  I wish I could get this DVD and PB T.T

There’s also a new video of Berryz Kobo 1 minute Theather featuring Momoko

This was after her handshake events.  Both handshake events took place in different places. One in Beijing and the other one in Tokyo. In the videos she just told that her PB “Momochi Zukan” will be released 10/23 and asked people to buy it.
I like her outfits there. They suit her^^

I can’t wait until somebody post her PB previews or the whole scans of it!!!


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