Morning Musume – [Only You] (MV) review

Finally the new MV is released! And since I really Love things like this here’s a review which is probably going to be really boring for You but it’s interesting for me! so HOORAY for nothing!!!

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C-ute – Aitai Lonely Christmas PV review

Not so long ago C-ute’s 14th single “Aitai Lonely Christmas” was released. This single came in 6th on Oricon Weekly charts with the Total Sales: 25,921. This makes it the best selling C-ute single in 2010.

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Happy 14th Birthday Ogawa Saki!!! <33

Happy 14th Birthday!! I wish You well with your S/Mileage activities! I hope Your Birthday will be awesome^^
I think that she may be  my favorite member from S/Mileage (I’m not sure… I like them all pretty equally)…
So here’s a pic spam!
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Do You read my blog?

I’m just really impatient on waiting for things, so I made a poll to know if there are people that come to this blog even for the first time in their lives…

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Happy 23rd Birthday Ogawa Makoto!!!

Happy 23rd Birthday Makochan!!! I hope you’re doing well ^^ I know I’m late but I was a little bit busy But I still wanted to Congratulate You.
Well and as for all Birthday’s here’s a Picspam:
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Muten Musume – Appare Kaiten Zushi! single download

01. Appare Kauten Zushi!
02. Kura Sushi Bi Kurapon!
03. Appare Kauten Zushi!(instrumental)
04. Kura Sushi Bi Kurapon!(instrumental)


This is for review purposes only! If You liked this single please delete this file and buy the original one.

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Tsuji Nozomi’s cover+tracklist for “Minna Happy! Mama no uta” released.

1. Sanpo
2. Oshiri Kajiri Mushi
3. Odoru Ponpokorin
4. Anpanman no March
5. Garagara Hebi ga Yattekuru
6. Hyokkori Hyoutan Jima
7. Moonlight Densetsu
8. Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun
9. Watashi ga Oba-san ni Natte mo
10.  Ningentte Ii na
11. Yuuki 100%
12. TBA.

We still don’t know the name of the last song from her album. All we know is that it’s going to be performed by Tsuji and her daughter Noa. I can’t wait to hear her new album^^

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