Berryz Koubou – Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND (live multi version review)

So DoraNakky uploaded a multi live solo version of Berryz Koubou – Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND featuring just the main singers: Momo, Risako, Yurina and Miyabi.
I’m not a big fan of this song, but this live/multi version was just asking to be reviewed.

Yurina:  I didn’t pay to much attention to her here, but because of this live I came to a conclusion that I prefer listening to Yurina when she’s singing with a group instead of solo. It’s not that I dislike her voice or something, but I just think her voice is too simple/plain to be used in solo, but when it’s used within a group it gives the whole group a different, strange but in a way magical vibe/feel. Her voice really stands out when it’s in a group of people but when I hear her sing solo, I just keep wanting something a little bit more fancy…
Also I always noticed that Yurina’s hair is really long but I never actually paid attention to it, but for some reason the first thing I noticed in this live was Yurina’s long hair o__o xD

Risako:   People should already know that I’m not a big Risako fan, though I’m not a hater either(keep that in mind!). When the video started and the girls yet had to be seen I was anxious to know who will it be… When I learned that Risako was one of them my excitement dropped, but then I remembered that it’s nothing unusual. And I still was kind of against hearing her, but when she started singing, the first thing that popped into my head was “Hooray!! That’s good!”  and I felt really happy. Main reason for this is that she didn’t actually use her deep/strong  voice, but she used that cuter voice in which she used to sing when she was younger! Though she did that only until Maiha’s graduation+like to 2 single’s after that and then her voice “transformed”(well as far as I know his happens just to boys, but I didn’t know how else to say it… Maybe matured?). Well maybe the cuter voice wouldn’t suit her that much nowadays anyway since her looks are more sexy rather than cute, so a lower/stronger voice suits them better than a cute voice.  So I actually liked her parts a lot in this performance! Though the only and main thing i dislike about her is that she always puffs up(?) her lips…

Miyabi:  Hmm… Well Miyabi is Miyabi. it’s really hard to say anything about her because I group her with Ai. They both have great voices and stuff, have good looks, are applause able dancers, something You could call almost perfect as an idol or at least extremely good. She herself has said that her talent is pretty much just singing(well we fans know that her second in a way hidden talent is dancing but Shh! Don’t tell anyone!). And all of this leads to the fact that I liked her performance. It’s pretty much impossible not to! Especially when her hair is just tied up and left be like that with no bow(I have nothing against them and I do like them but those huge bows on Miya’s head always scares the crap out of me >_<).

Momoko:   This might sound kind of strange when I’m a pretty big Momo fan(not sure if I can call myself a Huge fan since i know there are much bigger ones out there xD) but i didn’t liek this very much. It might be because I have heard her doing better performing this song(and not  only). So in this performance she might have done the worst IMO. I mean she did Okay, but judging by the other she was only average… Hell even if I liked Risako’s performance over Momo’s!  I feel bad for it, but I just really think that Momo really could have done it better. Also her hairstyle might be to blame here as well. This is pretty much the only hairstyle I dislike for Momo. I never like it when short hair get tied up >_< It just doesn’t look good! Also it doesn’t suit her face. I didn’t even like her hairstyle in “Zassou no Uta”…

Overall: I came to a conclusion that this song sounds better live than recorded. I pretty much never(well one or two times) have listened to this song fully with a recorded version but I always enjoy watching the live versions ^^ I also kind of realized that these four are the main singer in this song and the other three actually mainly are just back-up dancers that also do harmonizations(only for this song).  I kind of think that this quartet actually is really nice to be the main singers of the group. If You took one out and added a different girl the harmony between these four would fall apart, because they all like complete each others limitations…


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