Hello! Project 2011 ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~ Kanzen Ban! solo’s review

I got an idea for this from  ForeverLove~ blog, since she’s doing a poll about all of the solo performances in this concert, so I decided to voice my opinion about each of the videos.
I really Love doing  stuff like this! ^^

Ai Takahashi’s solo “Sayonara Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no”:

Well Ai definitely has a good voice, but it feels like something is missing in this song. I personally can’t feel enough emotion in this song, and it is needed. She did sound great, but I think she might have needed to get/pick(I’m not sure how they were decided) a different song. Ai needs real ballads because they suit her best, and this wasn’t really a ballad…
I feel happy she cut her hair. She looks good in both ways, but I prefer short hair for her. Also the dress was really Beautiful and the colour really suited her!

Risa Niigaki’s solo “Boogie Train ’03”:

I Love this song! Though I still think Miki did a better job singing it(well but Miki is an original so it’s kind of normal/usual). Though as a cover this is one of the best(Kago might have done better singing it). It’s really fun to listen to Gaki’s version not sure why xD When I listen to Miki’s version or any other cover I just have a normal feeling that I get for every song, but when listening to Gaki’s version it just makes me really happy xD And she put a lot of energy into her performance! That actually might be the reason why it makes me happy…
Her hair looked Amazing! And her outfit was pretty^^

Sayumi Michishige’s solo “Ne~e?”:

I can say that Sayumi has improved! I remember watching her “It’s You” solo performance not so long ago, and now listening to this one I can say that You can definitely hear somewhat of an improvement in her singing! Though this song is more genki which makes it more Sayu’s type, and “It’s You” is supposed to be that “sexy”type song(I’m not sure how else to say it). And I liked the energy in the performance^^
This is one of my more favourite songs especially from Ayaya and it makes me happy Sayu chose it^^ The song really does suit Sayu the best!
And now for complaints….  WTF IS UP WITH THAT HALF RETARDED DANCE??? I’m sorry, but are You kidding me? What is that supposed to be?? I feel horrible just saying that it’s supposed to be a dance… And that Skirt! She looks like a failed cake >_> They should get better costume designer for certain performances…

Reina Tanaka’s solo “FOREVER〜Anata ni Aitai〜”:

I’m pretty speechless… It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t Amazing either XD I guess the judging of her performance is based on the fact if You like or dislike her voice. Personally I’m a fan of hers, but I have no opinion about her voice xD I think she might have gotten a little bit worse lately, though not really visibly… But she still did good!
Reina looked Stunning in this performance! Sure there are things  that I could take out form her look, but they’re just minor details to her Awesome looks <33

Aika Mitsui’s solo “Hajimete no Happy birthday”:

I was an Aika hater until recently I realized there’s nothing for me to hate about her xD I liked this performance ^^ This song is created for Aika! It suits her  voice perfectly! I can’t really imagine her singing any other song… Well a few, but I still think this one is the best ❤
She looked Amazing in here! So Cute that I just want to hug and squeeze  her really hard 😀 Though again… What the hell is up with the weird dancing??! I would have preferred to have her run around the stage then perform that ‘thing’ >_>

Saki Shimizu’s solo Shiroi TOKYO:

Did Captain’s voice get higher? Or am I the only one to think so?
And I can say that I liked this performance. She had god control of her voice^^
And she looked really cute! Though for some reason I even got tearful… It might be because it made me remember this MV and think how Young she was there and stuff, and how much she has changed but still stayed the same over the years… makes me feel proud! TT

Momoko Tsugunaga’s solo Momoiro Kataomoi

Chinami Tokunaga’s solo Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!:

I liked the energy she put into her performance and that she really did give her best for this performance, but I still don’t like it. Chii is a really great person and stuff, but this performance might be one of her worst… I have nothing against her or something it’s just that I don’t like it, Also that outfit made her look like a teletubbie wannabe >_>

Maasa Sudou’s solo “The Bigaku”:

This is one of my favourite Ayaya songs alongside “Ne~e!” and a few others! I’m so happy Maa-san performed it!  And she did pretty good too! Well of course Aya-san did it better, but we can’t really compare Maa-san to her xD And I liked her performance^^ The singing was average, but not bad, and she did put enough energy into the performance to make it interesting^^ Also she looked really beautiful! Well, the feathers were in the way, and made her look like a lama in my eyes, but if we took them away she looked nice^^

Miyabi Natsuyaki’s solo Ai no Sono〜Touch My Heart!〜:

Well she has a good voice and sang this pretty good, she looked beautiful and the performance was fun to watch, but…. I still prefer the original otome-gumi version over hers xD I mean this performance is good and stuff, but her voice isn’t suited for these kind of songs. She needs either way those “sexy”songs or ballads. *nods*

Yurina Kumai’s solo ” Ai no Bakayarou”:

I never was a big fan of Yurina nor her voice and sometimes I even disliked her lines or the song just because of some of her lines, and thought she wasn’t a good singer. But this performance proves me wrong. She did good and I liked the song^^ Also she looked really… specific… Also she did better here than she did in her “Berryz Kobo Festival ~Youkoso Otakebi Land e~” solo ^^

Risako Sugaya’s solo “Hajimete Kuchibiru wo Kasaneta Yoru”:

I’m not really sure about my feelings for Risako ^^; I’m not her fan, but neither am I a real hater. I think I have no real opinion of her as of recently…
This performance wasn’t bad or anything and she does have a good voice, but her performance  was really forgettable.. She looked pretty god, but her dress could have been a little bit longer, and that thing in her hair looks a little bit strange, but without it her hairstyle wouldn’t  have looked so good. So her performance was normal^^

Maimi Yajima’s solo “Ki ga Tsukeba Anata”:

I would say that this was Amazing but I would be lying. I would say this is Really Good but it wouldn’t be enough. So I rank this somewhere between Really Good and Amazing xD Because it has to have something more to be Amazing, but it already has more than enough to be Really Good xD I mean she sang this pretty much without any flaws and the song is nice, but there’s still some little detail missing from this ^^”

Saki Nakajima’s solo “Toumorokoshi to Sora to Kaze”:

Nakky ♥ I’ll try to sound as little biased as I can if that’s possible^^;
In this performance I noticed what a low voice Nakky actually has o__O Oh and she did absolutely Great!  Well at some parts she could have done better but she still did great! ^^ I absolutely Loved this performance ♥♥

Airi Suzuki’s solo “Memory Seishun no Hikari”:

*sigh* I’m so used to hearing Yaguchi’s vocalization in this song that without it this song just doesn’t sound as good… I mean Airi did Good^^ She has an Amazing voice and the high notes were just *Q* But I’m not a huge Airi fan s0 I don’t really have an opinion here… Without Yaguchi this song just isn’t the same so I can’t really judge this TT_TT
Also she looked really pretty^^ …

Chisato Okai’s solo “Akai Nikichou”:

This is the only song from all of the shuffle’s that I really dislike so this is going to be hard xD Also all that Chisa promotion made me stop liking her and start disliking her a little bit… Though this doesn’t mean she did bad ^^ She actually did pretty good and I enjoyed listening to this ^^ And the emotion she put into this made me happy… Just to feel the emotions is Amazing…
P.S. she looks stunning!

Mai Hagiwara’s solo “Koi no Telephone GOAL”:

Mai is probably my most disliked member of H!P(not hated, just I’m not really a fan of her and I don’t like her that much). But I do like this song^^ It’s so fun! And her whole outfit is so pretty! Though… As I said I’m not a fan, so it’s hard for me to say anything about this performance… I think she did somewhere on the same level as Chii^^ She really did put in a lot of energy here for what I give a big applause to her, but this just isn’t something I would like to see all the time…

Ayaka Wada solo “Yeah! Meccha Holiday”:

My favourite S/Mileage member!! This song sounds great when it’s sung by her ♥ I prefer this version more than Risako’s or any other one! ♥ The performance is just so cute and stuff that it just makes me go ‘awww’ thinking about it ^///^ Though her outfit+that strange dance makes her look like some kind of a peacock >_> Really?? Couldn’t they do any better than that?? This makes me mad!!

Yuuka Maeda solo “100kai no KISS”:

I feel sad that she cut her hair, but short hair still does suit her^^ And she looks so natural with that simple outfit! ❤
This song really suits her o_o It’s not a full ballad but it’s not up-beat either. And it seems her singing has improved^^ If she practised more she has the chance of becoming the second Airi xD

Kanon Fukuda solo “Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi”:

This genki song suits her perfectly! It’s so fun listening to it ^^ Makes me want to go dance some retarded dances and smile like an idiot xD Though this haircut doesn’t suit her! She should grow out her hair at least a few centimetres more and then change it a little bit^^

Saki Ogawa solo “VERY BEAUTY”:

Ogawa once was my favourite S/Mileage member until Wada took her place xD I can say that VERY BEAUTY is a very hard song, but Saki-chan did pretty good singing it! Momo did a better job doing it though… Ogawa more like shouted her high lines raising them just a little bit while Momo edged the high noted and it made them sound high but they weren’t really high! Though Saki still did good^^
Saki’s outfit looks nice, but I think something just a tiny bit more fancy would have suited this performance better^^

Mano Erina solo “Watarasebashi”:

This is also one of my favourite songs of Ayaya! (now only “Zutto Suki de Ii desu ka” and “DO YOU LOVE ME?” are left xD ). Though I’m not a really big fan of Mano-chan :/ I do like her songs and I keep planning on starting to listen to her, but I just keep forgetting OTL
I liked the way Eri-chan looked here^^ Pale pink suits her and makes the somewhat more fancy outfit look not that fancy and more casual on her ^^
As for singing… She did pretty okay for her voice, but this song is too high for her and she didn’t do anything to try to pull off the high notes and she just lowered them…
From all the “Watarasebashi” covers I heard(except mine) this might be the worst…

WHAT THE-?????? WHERE THE HELL IS KIKKAWA’S SOLO???? O_________________O I’m so disappointed…

Overall I still think that my favourites did the best in their solo performances XD

This was fun reviewing! ^^ I’ll try to review more solo’s/concerts from now on^^



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4 responses to “Hello! Project 2011 ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~ Kanzen Ban! solo’s review


    lol i thought the same….but i guess Sayumi´s cuteness can solve all….i enjoyed her song (but not the dance and the outfit lol)…

    oh, don´t dislike Chissa for her promotion xD she deserved it (she has been always the most under used and under promoted)

    • It’s not like I hate her or something xD I liked her when I learned their names(that was when Campus Life was released and when I started to actually pay attention to C-ute) and I did like her. When she started getting promoted I was happy for her and I still am because she really does deserve it! But… I just like Nakky more… And I would like her to have somewhat of a promotion as well… So it’s more like a jealousy thing than hate xD

  2. ^lol i know, that was the reason because i wrote “don´t dislike”…i was typing “don´t hate” but you didn´t say that you hate her so i re type again xDD

    And because i love Nakky too, i would like she got more promotion too :(…the can keep YajiSuzu and the newest Chissa´s promotion and they can do 2 more “Chissa´s boom” with Mai and Nakky

    • It would be nice if they created some kind of a shuffle group or something consisting of Chisa, Mai and Nakky! Something like Buono! but since Buono! is more of a kawaii unit, they could be more of a rock unit or perform some “sexy”songs(like KMA! xD).
      Or they could also be like “No Sleeves”. Some AKB48 unit, I don’t listen to them but I have watched a PV from them(I think) a few seconds and they had like a Cool style, which would suit Chisa, Mai and Nakky. And then they could create a unit like GAM or W(double U) for YajiSuzu!

      Lol I’m so delusional XD

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