New S/mileage Member Auditions Announced

“The requirements are: By 1st of May 2011 a girl who is in middle- or high school. Or in that age (13~18)Must have parental/guardian’s agreement agreement, sign and stamp.The first round will require singing and an interview in Shibuya in June.I am very shocked about the announcement since I didn’t expect to see any auditions for S/mileage at all anytime soon, especially for members that are not Eggs, but it seems that the news has been confirmed by the official site and the application is available for anyone interested in participating.Tsunku mentioned when S/mileage were formed that the members weren’t final and might change (he just mentioned it again after a fan tweeted a question), so there was always the possibility of the group changing (many fans thought he dropped the idea, but apparently not), nonetheless this is something I didn’t expect to see at all and I’m excited to see what the results will be.The audition age requirements seem to be a bit higher than Momusu’s since the lowest limit is placed at 13 years, instead of Momusu’s 10 years (S/mileage are also looking for members up to 18 years, in contrast to Momusu’s 17 year old limit), which is interesting to see since they might be looking for members on the same age group as the current members (the current age range for members is 16 years (Wada) – 14 years (Ogawa) so the range is close).Another difference to the Momusu audition is that the auditions will happen in about a week (Momusu’s will be about two weeks after but there was a notice a month ago), which doesn’t give much time for many people to practice and it seems that this way is a better way since we can find out if someone is naturally talented.It will be very interesting to see what type of girls show up to the audition since this seems like it will be the first audition for an H!P group that isn’t Momusu (in recent years), and since S/mileage is slowly growing as a group there might be a bigger selection of girls auditioning.We will most likely find out even more as the audition date nears so hopefully many girls apply since it will be interesting to see how the group will look after they add a 2nd generation.For those in the area and who are interested in applying, the PDF file with the audition form is in the official S/mileage site link, so please take a look and check it out since it has a map of the site and other information (in Japanese)The auditions will take place.on 6/4 ~ 5 from 11:00 ~17:00”

Taken from: Hello! Project Wiki

I can say that this is pretty unexpected for me. I never thought that auditions for S/mileage would ever be held(since I didn’t follow them from the start). I’m not sure if I should be happy or not about this. I’m pretty okay with S/mileage being a quartet I don’t want them to be a quintet! I’m kind of scared that the line distribution will change… What if Dawa would start getting even less lines??? TT.TT I don’t want that to happen!
I wonder if their style of songs and looks will change because of a new member*thinks*
I hope they won’t keep us in the dark during this…



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4 responses to “New S/mileage Member Auditions Announced

  1. I feel like Tsunku is trying to turn S/mileage into MM 2.0…. Adding new members… graduating old members…. >___>

    I feel bad for the S/mile girls… I heard they weren’t too happy about the announcement… Can’t blame them though for not being happy about it… 😦

    • Hmm… Well I’m kind of open to the idea of auditions since i kind of do want more auditions(though no more EGGs since in my mind it seems like the EGGs suffer a lot for not getting into the groups and other stuff… Well mainly for not debuting and just being EGGs all the time, when new girls in auditions already go into groups and debut with barely any training)

      I wouldn’t be too happy if I were in S/mile girls places either… It might give a lot of bad thoughts to them… They might start thinking their not good enough so that’s why new members are coming, or they might not want to get even less lines and stuff… I don’t really want for S/Mileage to change though 😦

  2. I don’t really mind auditions… I just don;t want to see anyone graduate… I do hate graduations… 😛
    Oh, and the Eggs…. You know.. I feel really bad for Eggs like Saho Akari (Quite talented)…. Saho is in some Korean Dance cover group that UFA made which is probably NEVER going to go ANYWHERE (I get those feelings)…. Poor Eggs…. Training for years and years, and than just being forced to leave… 😦

    More members = less lines for each member…. The line distribution won’t be as even as it used to be once the new member joins… -___-

    • Well it’s not that I mind them either. And I don’t have anything against graduations. They have awesome concerts that give You an even bigger, more Amazing feeling that it happened and they performed and they are totally Awesome and no matter what no one can change those girls! TT
      When I read that the audition isn’t for the EGGs I immediately thought about Saho… She’s at the moment my favourite H!P EGG(Kikkawa Yuu was before, but she has graduated). I really would like her to get into S/mileage because they are the girls she was with in Shugo Chara EGG! and she’s the only one that didn’t go to S/Mileage.
      I’m kind of happy that at least she got to be somewhere in some kind of spotlight for a while(talking about Aa! and that dance cover project) i mean it’s better than never doing anything just being a back-up dancer.

      That’s why I’m scared of these auditions! Dawa already barely get’s any lines. The ones she does get are only for the more equal line distribution. And if a new girl comes I’m pretty much sure that Dawa will get even less lines TT I’m already sad that she doesn’t get much, but even less is just unbearable… TT

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