Morning Musume – [Only You] (MV) review

Finally the new MV is released! And since I really Love things like this here’s a review which is probably going to be really boring for You but it’s interesting for me! so HOORAY for nothing!!!

Takahashi Ai: I’m not a fan of Ai, but I do like her.
She finally cut her hair! I always though that she looked better with short hair than long. Also blonde suits her!
And I think white suits her as well, because this white outfit makes her look stunning!
Her dancing was good, and the moves were pulled of fluently.
And as for singing – we all know she’s the best of H!P so there’s nothing more to say.
No wonder Ai is a leader^^

Niigaki Risa: Finally her hair looks Amazing! I always kind of disliked her, mainly for her looks and the way her hair always was so badly styled. And finally my wish came true! A normal hairstyle for Risa!
And I’m not a fan of her either but I do like her, but her voice here sounded Amazing! I know it was auto-tuned, but no one could have pulled of her lines better. Her voice really does sound great there!
The outfit looks good on her^^  She just looks stunning in the PV!
Though her dancing… It kind of seemed like it was missing something… It wasn’t bad or anything, but it looked like she still needed to work on it a little bit longer, and as if she felt strange/uncomfortable doing the dance…

Michishige Sayumi: Well Sayu is one of my favourite members, but I’ll try not to sound too biased here.
She looks pretty good in this PV but I’m kind of used to seeing her with bangs so now she looks kind of strange here for me ^^’ And it just feels like there’s something missing in her look(well the bangs sure are! xD) but she just doesn’t seem as magical here as she has looked in other PV’s.
Her dancing isn’t one of the greatest, we know it, but she did okay here. Still needed work though, and I probably am the only one to notice that she was a little bit off(not noticeably, but like a millisecond off) when dancing.
Sayu didn’t get a lot of lines here(well she rarely does), but from the few I heard, they were auto-tuned so it’s hard to say something about her voice, but she still did sound okay^^ I think she keeps getting better and better lately! Probably because of the competition with the kyuukies 😀

Tanaka Reina: Well… I’m kind of disappointed that  she didn’t change her hairstyle :/ It’s kind of getting boring. Though it’s probably the one that suits her the best^^
The outfit looks good on her, and it looks really Reina’s style, since it’s kind of sparkling(and Reina likes sparkling things xD).
Not many people like Reina’s voice, but we can’t deny the fact that she is a good singer, and in this PV she did sound better than in some other ones!  And even i in some songs dislike her voice a little bit but here it sounded good!
Her dancing was decent. But it kind of looked to me as if  she was forcing(not sure what better word to use) the moves. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well or didn’t have energy because it at some points looked as if she could barely do the dance…

Mitsui Aika: I kind of hated Aika until recently I kind of for no reason stopped doing that and now I have no thought about her.
I’m not a fan of her looks, but she looked okay here. I don’t have anything more to say. Though the hair reminded me of Elvis Presley a little bit xD They could have made it a little bit better xD
Her singing didn’t change much from the previous single, so it is just decent.
As for dancing: It looks lazy. She didn’t put enough energy and at times it looked like she was thinking”when is this hell going to stop? >_< It’s annoying the crap out of me!”. I’m not trying to hate, just voicing my opinion.

Fukumura Mizuki: Well Mizuki wasn’t my favourite egg, and her joining MM didn’t make me like her.
She looked… not bad, but not good either. Let’s just say decent because it was okay. her hairstyle um… I don’t know how to say this, but like showed(?) too much of her face. And that outfit somehow doesn’t fit. It just looks weird for me.
As far as I now she didn’t get any solo lines, as well as other kyuukies not including Riho, so it’s hard to say something about how she sounded here.
Her dancing… is decent. Not bad, but not too great.  It didn’t give any “special” feeling like “wow”or something…
I really don’t have a lot to say about her.

Ikuta Erina: My favourite Kyuukie!
I liked the fact that she had her bangs and they didn’t tie them up ^^ And the outfit makes her look chubby… Or just weird… But she did look okay^^
As I said no kyuukies excluding Riho got solo lines. no words about her voice here…
Her dancing lacked energy and power.  It was pretty decent and definitely better than mine but she could have worked on it a little bit more…

Sayashi Riho: I kind of hate or at least really dislike her. I  didn’t like her from the auditions already. I’ll try not to sound too hating, but since I dislike her I won’t say too much good things about her.
She looked meh/not impressive.  This outfit for the kyuukies only looked good on her though. But they could have tied up her hair…
Her singing… Sorry to say this but Aika is better than her(and Aika definitely isn’t one of the best). I hate her voice… It’s annoying… But she did decent for the fact that she got so many solo lines…
I don’t get it why people say that she’s the bets dancer. i mean she did okay, but there’s nothing that impressive in it. it’s not bad but… It’s not Amazing…

Suzuki Kanon: not a fan but not a hater either^^
She looked okay. Her hair looked weird but it went good with the outfit. And the outfit doesn’t look horrible on her, but it doesn’t look great, at least it’s okay^^
As far as I know she had no solo lines so nothing to say about her voice…
The dancing was okay. You could see that she was trying her best^^

Overall: The PV looks okay, it’s not really impressive nor is it colourful, but it  doesn’t look bad.
The outfits for the old members are really great! I really like them! But the ones for the kyuukies… Make most of them look fat. Riho looks okay with it, and Kanon looks just kind of okay. Plus the kyuukies hairstyles made them look like chickens for me xD(except Riho).
The dance overall in okay, but  they could have made it a little bit different. It just seems like it’s missing something… It’s okay but it could have been better…
The song…. Well the first time I heard it I didn’t like it that much, just thought it was okay, but after replaying it for so many times while writing this, it kind of started to sound good for me. There are some really amazing parts! But some parts just make me hate the song… like the “fast talking”(it sounds like it so don’t judge me!).

Rating: 7.5/10


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