C-ute – Aitai Lonely Christmas PV review

Not so long ago C-ute’s 14th single “Aitai Lonely Christmas” was released. This single came in 6th on Oricon Weekly charts with the Total Sales: 25,921. This makes it the best selling C-ute single in 2010.

Suzuki Airi: I’m not a big Airi fan. I just started liking her recently after listening to “Over the Rainbow” and “Aa Koi!”. I admit that Air’s voice is very good! Also she’s Cute. I actually really liek this single because Airi was pushed back A LOT here letting the underdogs get a lot more spotlight and probably fans. And since I’m not really  Airi fan it doesn’t bother me. Though it’s strange to listen to a C-ute song and not hear Airi’s voice everywhere xD As for looks: I think she looks OK in here…  I have nothing much to say about her or her looks… Airi is just the same Airi as she has always been and in here it’s no different…
Yajima Maimi: I never was a Maimi fan. When I started listenign to C-ute I kinda hated her(along with Airi). But in this single I started liking her for some reason. At first I thought her voice wasn’t pretty or good, but in this single her voice really shines for me^^. Even though she’s been pushed back along with Airi to let the underdogs get more popularity. As for her looks: short hair/this hairstyle really doesn’t fit Maimi!!! She should at least have shoulder length hair!! And that hat makes her look like an old granny here >.<
Okai Chisato: I actually kinda liked Chisato until this single came out. I mean her voice is definitely good and everything, but in this single she just looks too different and gives a feeling that she’s changed… Her voice is good in this single(i’s good pretty much everywhere) but for some reason it feels as if something’s missing from her… It may be because of her lines. Compared to her lines everyone’s lines are much slower except hers… As for her looks: I don’t like her look in this single. Her smile looks really fake(all of their smiles might be fake, but it feels as if Chisato isn’t even trying to no make it look fake). Well I’m probably totally wrong on this(I know that nobody’s going to agree with me on this that’s why I’m wrong). And again: I HATE THE HAT!!!
Hagiwara Mai: I don’t really like Mai. Her voice is average and for me it’s kinda annoying. Also she isn’t that cute as everybody keeps saying. And in this single her voice is still annoying and didn’t really change. Her voice isn’t special or unique at all. I don’t like her voice. As for her looks: I think she’s the only one that looks good in that hat and that short hair really suits her^^ Also that light pink colour really suits her^^
Nakajima Saki: Nakky go a lot of lines in this single!!! I’m so happy!!! Her voice sounds really good in here! she just keeps getting better and better! Her looks: She looks pretty okay in this single. Cute as always^^ Though she didn’t really get a lot of screen time…

Overall single review: I don’t like this single. The song is pretty boring and forgettable and the PV is the same. Though I’m not really a C-ute fan so…
And yes I was totally biased in this review.
I also learned that I like the underdogs the most. And that in every group I would like the 2nd or 3rd by fan popularity and also the most unpopular one^^
And I also came to a conclusion that I won’ review C-ute’s singles unless I totally like them….



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6 responses to “C-ute – Aitai Lonely Christmas PV review

  1. I also kinda have the feeling Chisato has changed XD Like, she doesn’t have much fun as before and stuff. I hope she’s the same funny Chisato as always though.

    Short hair totally fits Maimi! She looks extremely gorgeous. She’s a goddess XD

    • OMG O_O And I thought I was the only one to think that about Chisato! You don’t know how happy You made me!!

      Well I myself have long hair so I like long hair more, but sometimes short hair looks good too. I think that short hair doesn’t suit Maimi. Or at least half curly short hair doesn’t suit her… Because in Campus Life~Umarekite Yokata~ Her short hair looked good!!

  2. I personally believe that Chisato’s “new look” is forced on her…..
    I mean, I like her new look and all, but I don’t know… It just feels as if UFA has forced it on her… (probably trying to make her more marketable or something) xD

    Just my opinion. 😛

    I agree, short hair doesn’t suit Maimi… I hope she grows her hair back long again…

    • I kinda agree with Your opinion.
      Though I think that it also may be that she’s not used to being pushed so much and she’s just needs time to get used to being more popular(in C-ute. She’s already popular with the fans :D)

      I don’t really think that long hair suit Maimi either. Though she looks better in long hair than short, but I still think that medium length hair is the best for her^^
      It’s kind of like with Ai. I want her short hair back, but I like her long hair too… Oh, what should I do?!!

  3. Hi!! 1st time here lol…

    I liked the single (it´s my fav this year for ºC-ute)…nooo, Chissa is still the funniest girl in ºC-ute….xD of course she is growing up but she is still the mood-maker of this group (it was said in “welcome to cutie academy” xD)

    I love your blog btw, tomorrow i´ll add your blog to my Blogroll 😀

    • Thanks for visiting^^

      My favourite C-ute single this year was probably Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. I really liked the outfits and the song was catchy^^
      I wasn’t saying that she’s changed completely xD I just said that I think something’s changed(maybe something bad happened to her?). I still think that she’s the funniest girl in C-ute xD Chisa’s still Awesome no matter what!!♥

      Thank You very much!! I’ll appreciate it a lot! I will put Your blog on my Blogroll when I learn how to do that -.-” (I’m still not used to wordpress -_-;;)

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