Berryz Koubou – Shining Power MV.

The MV for Berryz Koubou – Shining Power was realeased recently.

I really like this single because Yurina is the front girl here instead of the same old Risako and Miyabi thing.
Yurina’s legs weren’t showed in this MV. While all of the other girls legs were shown Yurina’s and Maasa’s weren’t so that’s a disappointment because they have the prettiest legs in Berryz Koubou and I think they should be shown more often.
I never really noticed Yurina before so I didn’t like her, but I didn’t hate her either, I just never though anything about her. And when I saw this MV I wasn’t really excited. I was like: “Oh Yurina’s the lead here…”. But while watching the video my thoughts kept changing, like: “OMG! Yurina’s hair looks awesome here! Her voice is somewhat very attractive o.o” etc. And so because of this single Yurina’s kind of starting to grow on me. Also as I can see UFA has been giving her a little push recently. Like in “Maji Bomber” she was the lead one and Miyabi was the sub-lead. In this single Yurina was the lead again while Risako was the sub-lead.
Risako look the same as always. She looked pretty ugly because of her hairstyle and the outfit revealed a lot of her legs so it wasn’t really attractive because she’s pretty fat(for those who say that people don’t know how a fat people look should now that there are different types of fat people).
Risako only got 3 solo lines and always tried to steal the spotlight from Yurina with them xD Though she didn’t succed }:> Though I’m not a fan of Risako. I’m actually a Risako hater but for some reason I liked her here. I think she did better here than in her solo single though. But her voice was the best while she was young… I really like her voice in the old songs (in pretty much all songs before Maiha’s graduation). Her voice than was cute but for some reason lately it’s been becoming more and more low/strong… It makes her look very mature/old and she’s only 15!! I think that because of some bloggers that like Risako I may have started liking her too o.o Or is it because of her haters?? But I agree she keeps getting better and better, so she did pretty good here too.
I have pretty much nothing to say about her… She did okay I guess… She just really was unnoticeable. I only noticed Yurina and Risako here. But Miyabi looked very pretty here! But she always looks pretty.
I think Miyabi’s voice got lower and stronger, don’t You think so? But I like her voice like this, it sounds good with Yurina’s voice. Though it doesn’t suit Miyabi’s looks…
Momo did look Cute here<33 When I saw the single covers I though she looked very ugly and so I wasn’t really waiting for the release of this single. But when I saw Momo in the MV she looked very pretty as always^^ I think she should grow her hair a bit longer because it’s getting boring seeing her with the same hairstyles all the time..
All I can say is that this single was totally Yurina so I didn’t really notice the other girls. Momo only got 1 solo line(if I’m not mistaking) so it’s hard to say something  about her. BTW she pretty much wasn’t shown in the MV. I think she became an undergirl T.T .
At first when I saw Chinami with her short hair I thought she looked a hell lot ugly. But since I never was her fan(nor a hater) I didn’t really pay any attention to it, but in the single she looks the second hottest(Yurina’s first).
And her voice is becoming very exclusive in the group. Before when they were younger Momo’s voice was the cutest but now I think she’s slowly beginning to give that position to Chinami-san since Momo’s voice has become pretty low recently. UFA recently has been giving her a push to the front just like for the other not so popular girls. I think it’s a wise decision to get their talents discovered by the fans ^^
Captains hair looked awesome here! When she was younger her hair wasn’t really her biggest charm point, but now that she’s grown I think that her hair is very beautiful. It’s very beautiful because it’s short but still makes her look kind of hot but cute at the same time. And her legs are very beautiful too^^
Her voice is pretty similar too Maasa’s it’s just that it’s stronger. She did her parts pretty good but I think she can do them better. She has also been getting a recent push from the UFA so it may also be that we will finally get to see a PB from her sometime soon!
Maasa looked AWESOME here!! Though as I said describing Yurina, Maasa’s and Yurina’s legs weren’t shown here T.T And they really have the best legs in BK! If not in the whole H!P!! And she also had the same hairstyle as in “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda” so it’s kind of unfair, because her hair is long so You can do a lot of pretty hairstyles with it! And she looks very pretty and unique too!! It’s becasue her face looks as if she was chubby but she’s not! And her lips are the awesomest lips in the whole past and current H!P!
I really liked the fact that she got at least one solo line here(though everyone’s been getting at least one solo line recently, counting from the “Otakebi Boy WAO!” single).  Her voice is very pretty and unique because it’s low but not strong as Saki’s or Risako’s but it’s not really weak either, it’s kind of holding itself in the middle and that’s what makes her so unique!! Because girls in H!P either way have low and strong voices or cute and weak voices(there are exceptions but that’s the most common case).  So it’s kind of unfair that Saki and Chinami are getting a bigger push than her(since Maasa gets aproximatelly 1solo line while Saki and Chinami get 2!)  T.T.
MV itself:
Well I think that the MV was pretty boring as always, since it consisted pretty much the dance shot and it’s close-ups. Of course here were some other things, but still they weren’t very amusing to watch. It was just the normal H!P MV. Though I don’t think that for a song like this You can think of some extraordinary MV so it’s acceptable. Though I did like the part were they played Hide n’ seek =^~^= It looked Cute ^*^ Though I think that Momo would have done a better job as “IT”, but Yurina did good too : DD

I guess this is it^^ I can’t wait until the Dance shot comes out!! Because the song is pretty catchy and from what I can see drom the MV the dance looks very Cool!!!

Also I can’t wait for another new single!! I’m thinking that maybe one of the under girls will also get a lead here^^ Or at least get more solo lines than just 1 or 2! A push for the  unpopular and unnoticeable girls is just what they need!! =^~^=



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5 responses to “Berryz Koubou – Shining Power MV.

  1. Risako’s 16 XD

    I don’t know why people say she’s trying to “steal the spotlight to Yurina” here, I mean, she just shines by herself XD the thing is, people always always ALWAYS notice Risako. Be it in a good way or bad way. I love how everyone notice her :3

    Risako’s not fat O_o yes there’re different kinds of fat people, but believe me, Risako’s not one of those. People that think she’s fat seriously have a problem with weight xD

    • Well whenever Risako’s turn to sing came she would stand right in front of Yurina and so You couldn’t see Yurina like that xD That’s the reason why I said that Risako tried to steal Yurina’s spotlight xD Even though I don’t like her that much I for some reason like it when people notice her too xD

      Well maybe she’s not fat, but she’s definitely chubby!!! And she should look after herself more so she wouldn’t actually get really fat.
      I weigh 48kg and I think I’m re fat, that’s why I think that Risako is fat too(well she’s chubby).
      My biggest wish is to weigh at least 40kg… but that’s never going to happen T_T

      • You really have a problem with weight, don’t you. You should admire people like Risako that are not anorexic and that feel good with their body instead of blaming them for not being like YOU want them to be 🙂

  2. gess

    i actually think chinami has the best legs risakos not fat shes bigger, her voice is getting kinda better but live its still a bit x…….x

    • Sorry for the late reply =_=”
      Well Chinami also has good legs but i still think Yurina and Maasa have better ^^;
      Hmm… Well she might be bigger, but still… She’s really big… And I know her voice is getting better, and sometimes she’s good even live like at the new 2011 Winter Concert, in her solo she did really good!

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